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    Where can I find my flight information?

    For the most up-to-date flight info available please refer to your Trip Itinerary in your account. 

    Since our flights are booked under Group Record Locators there will sometimes be a separate Record Locator (Sub-Locator) that you will need to locate your itinerary with the airline. That can be found under Travel Documents

    Note: For Security we have listed your initials only on this document. Here you will find the actual record locator you are on AND your individual passenger booking code.

    Please note that often times you will not be able to pull up your flight info on the airlines website until we are within 1 week from the trip. You will need the Record Locator number in order to check-in or view flight details on the airline website.

    We will always do our best to get you this info as soon as possible. You will be notified via Email & SMS when your flight details have been finalized.

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